Founder of Pay Kindness Forward Movement

I am on a global mission to educate & inspire people to be the change they want to see in this world.


“ No act of kindness is too small, No act of kindness is too insignificant. Just like the droplets of water, they make up a drizzle, a shower, a thunderstorm or even a typhoon. Every drop of this water of kindness counts. It will eventually find its way into the ocean of love and kindness that we are creating. And this ocean will give birth to the clouds which in turn seeds the droplets of kindness that repeats itself over & over again.”

Dr. Vivian Passion Koh


Vivian Passion Koh is Mrs Singapore Asia Pacific 2019 and was awarded the TKS Crown for Compassion 2020 and Ms Elegance 2019. She is a serial entrepreneur of various businesses.

She is now on a global mission to educate, inspire, and change the world through her Pay Kindness Forward movement, which will be a catalyst to achieve the United Nations 17th Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Her life mission is to connect, inspire, and empower like-minded people to pursue their passion in life with passion, love, and gratitude.

Her satisfaction and fulfilment comes from igniting each unique individual to discover their hidden talents through self-awareness and to unlock and develop their full potential so that they can pursue their passion in life with passion, love, and gratitude.

Vivian Passion Koh’s Achievements

Creator of IEC Vision Board Movement – A Pay It Forward movement that helps individuals to create a vision of their dreams through drawings, words, and storytelling and support in their journey through IEC Angels.


  • Founder & President of Pay Kindness Forward
  • Creator of Pay Kindness Forward Movement Challenge
  • Brand Ambassador of Richman Watch Winder
  • Model for Richman Watch Winder Commercial Advertisement
  • Mrs Singapore Asia Pacific 2019
  • Ms Elegance 2019
  • TKS Crown for Compassion 2020
  • Honorary Doctorate in Philanthropy, St Mother Teresa University
  • Author of International Bestselling Inspiration book “Yes, I Can!”
  • Founder of Ms Elegance Gems & Jewels
  • Co-Founder of Richman & Ms. Elegance Foundation
  • Co-Founder of Syncflow LLP
  • Founder of International Education Council Pte Ltd
  • Creator & Curator of IEC Vision Board Movement program
  • Founder of World Business Group, A Business Ecosystem
  • Founder & Principal Trainer of First Class Education Consultancy since 2015
  • Founder of First Class Tuition since 2009
  • Founder of Dr. Intelligences, Dermatoglyphics Analysis
  • Founder of SG Parent United FB Group
  • Creator of “United We Must, United We Mask” movement
  • Launch of “Cheers To All” Music Video in collaboration with Danny Chin
  • The host of 1st October Pay Kindness Forward Online Dialog 2020
  • Creator & Founder of World Kindness Awards
  • Casting Film Director & Producer of Award-winning Short Film “Receiving”
  • Nominated for The President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards (PVPA)
  • Received Certificate of Appreciation from the President of Republic of Singapore Mdm Halimah Yacob on 8th December 2020

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My Life Mission Statement

My Mission: *Connect, Inspire Empower Like minded people to pursue their Passion in Life*🌹

Won Ms Elegance 2019

Another wonderful award presented to me on 7th Nov 2019. I love the way I walk to the stage with beautiful music…
Crowning of Dr. Vivian Passion Koh

Won Mrs Singapore Asia Pacific 2019

When my name was called, I thank God for the blessings. I’m glad to make my 84 years old mum proud to have a beauty Queen in the family, and a role model to my daughter Olivia that her mummy is constantly pursuing her dreams and making it a reality one step at a time. Thank you Rendy, my master coach in IEC, SyncFlow works!


Invitation To Speak as Guest Speaker at WinterMagic

Thank You Jessica of Fitline for your invitation to your Winter Magic as Guest Speaker today. I really have a great time sharing my Mrs Singapore International Journey with the guests who are very participative during my practical sharing. Love the photos taken there too..


Invitation To Speak About My Secret of Youth & Elegance as Beauty Queen

Thank you Philip Goh, centre manager of Atomy for the invitation & opportunity to share my Secret of Youth & Elegance as Beauty Queen.
What i find most fullfilling is seeing young and old participating in Visionboard activities together, drawing and writing down their dreams and sharing to Atomy Family with everyone cheering with words of affirmation to each individual participants saying ” Your dreams will Come True, Yeah.”
I can see the happy and fullfilling face when their dreams are being affirmed by positive people. Thats the ideal environment i love to for my family & like minded friends.
I have a wonderful time celebrating with Atomy Family that is filled with Purpose, Love and Gratitude. 🥳🥂🌈 Thank you once again.
Mrs Singapore Asia Pacific 2019

Interview & Feature on World Class Beauty Queens Magazine

Thank you TKS Mrs International for the opportunity to be Interview & feature on World Class Beauty Queens Magazine to share my Vision of building a First Class Organisation . “VISION WITH ACTION CAN CHANGE THE WORLD”. Join Me. Together, we can definitely achieve more!


Pay Kindness Forward Movement

I launch the Pay Kindness Forward movement on 7th May, Vesak day which is a day for kindness & compassion. My wish is for this movement to gain the necessary momentum & be the catalyst to achieving the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.


Noble Peace Prize Award 2020

Thank you all for your blessings.. I’m really so delighted and excited to get this Noble Peace award from my Olivia. She look at the google definition of noble prize and noble peace prize award and she yes, Noble Peace Prize is talking about you, mummy. So heartwarming when she affirm me at her young age and said, mummy, even if nobody support you, I will support you no matter what you do. I am proud of the thing you do for Pay Kindness Forward movement.
She even said how about Pay Hug Forward, give love one a hug. I can’t leave without a hug and I will not exchange ipad games for your hug.
Hug is most important to me and family love is most important to me.”, And come to me and give me a big hug hug. 😊😊
Olivia is my motivator to get the real one back one day for her, to be the change I want to see in. this world… I believe. How about you?

Recognized as 1 of 25 WomenOpreneurs

Thank you GOGLOBAL & AdMy Concepts Sdn Bhd‎. I’m honoured & blessed to be recognized as 1 of the 25 WomenOprenuers honoring us as “Shining lights for Women” for the launch of WomenOprenuer Online Series in Malaysia today over zoom at 3pm.
This prestige award is shared with all my beloved family especially my 85 years old supportive mummy and my 7 years old supportive daughter and of course my supportive friends who are part of my roller coaster life Journey which I’m going to launch my inspiration book, “YES I CAN” on Pay Kindness Forward this month.
Stay tuned for people who love me for who I am and support me to achieve my dreams and I will pay kindness forward and make you a millionaire.
not one with a million in the bank, but a millionaire that changes million lives Just because you choose to Sow 3 seeds of kindness to me today😇.
I must confess I am a Dreamer who love to be the Change I want to see in this world using Pay kindness Forward as a catalyst to achieve United Nations 17th sustainable development goals by 2030. Zero Hunger, No poverty, Quality education etc.
I’m on a global mission to educate, inspire change in school around the global through projects and school Curiculum towards common goals of
World Peace with gracious living and harmony regardless of race language or religion.
This is what I envision. Join me as kindness Coach and also Be a part of this Launch that is Historical – First of its kind session that is bringing together some of the most conscious and heartful women from Singapore and Malaysia – Cross Cultural in ONE Platform.

“Yes I Can!” Collab Book is Out!

Yeah…super super excited to share that my collab book “Yes I Can!” Is out and We hit #1 in the USA within hours of release!!!!!! currently #2 in Aussie & #6 in Germany!!!
I shared about The Power of Purpose, Love & Gratitude.
I am now on a global mission to educate, inspire, and change the world through Pay Kindness Forward movement, which will be a catalyst to achieve the United Nations 17th Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.
I including 15 amazing ladies from around the world will be sharing our heart warming stories and success secrets to help you see what’s possible.
Read more about the book here and be inspired:
What are their secrets? Do you often wonder what those “things” are that make certain people be successful? You may think, “If I only knew what they were, I could be successful too!”
In this book, you will hear from 16 inspiring women from around the world sharing their proven success secrets with you. It is like having 16 mentors coaching you directly.
They will generously reveal the strategies, key principles, success habits, and wisdom that they have learned in building success in their specialized fields.
You will be able to model and use the exact same secrets and create your own success in your life, career, and business.
These are real people with real results. Anyone with a dream and passion can apply the secrets taught in this book and create their own success too. All you have to do is follow in their footsteps.
One year from now, you could be living a freedom-based lifestyle and earning a great income doing the things that you love while giving your family the best possible future!
With Purpose, Love & Gratitude,
Vivian Passion Koh
Founder of Pay Kindness Forward

Launch of “Cheers To All” Music Video

Together with Yahya, we hosted my first FB Live celebrating the launch of “Cheers To All” music video with special guest star from Hong Kong, Danny Chin.


My Role as Casting Film Director 

Today with the support of Yahya, I called the members of the Pay Kindness Forward family one by one to act in the short film.

Dr Vivian Passion Koh

My books “Yes! I Can!” arrived! 

What a pleasant surprise when Yes! i can! books arrived. I am the Author of International bestselling book “Yes! I Can!” And this is my first time being an Author with authority.


Honorary Doctorate in Philanthropy

I am conferred as Honorary Doctorate in Philanthropy on 22th Aug 2020


The First Script Written for Our Short Film “Receiving”

When looking at Yahya fb message, I record the 1st time I get to connect with him over zoom call. My passion is to understand people dreams and passions and when he 1st share with me his dream during circuit breaker around June and said it’s an impossible dream, I tell him that god is good. He send 2 Angels, 😇 1 big & 1 small to come to his who believe all dreams will come thru if we have the courage to pursue it.
3 months later, while he selflessly contribution his talents and give all his support to Pay Kindness Forward Movement, A FB Live host for Pay Kindness Forward, “Cheers to All campaign” to celebrate SG 55th birthday on 9th Aug and interview the founder & Cheers to All, HK Song writer, Danny Chin.
Whenever I am looking at his work dedication, I really valued his commitment to do his best in whatever task given to him. You may join Pay Kindness Forward Page to be part of our journey, to educate & inspire people to be the change they want to see in this world and be a catalyst to achieve United Nation’s 17th sustainable Development Goals by 2030, imagine no Poverty, zero hungry, quality education etc. During the live, there’s hiccups as halfway no sound during the interview. Audiences and our team are all very supportive.
Now, he is on the journey to fulfilled a dream he always wanted since 10 years ago, a short film that is so impactful that it will make people cry and make a Positive different to make the world a kinder place for everyone.
Let’s support each other and make our dreams come true. Cheers to all & Pay Kindness Forward!

First Meeting of Casts in Our Short Film “Receiving”

Stay tuned for our upcoming Shortfilm Title : Receiving directed by Yahya Ayob for Pay Kindness Forward Campaign.


Kickstart and First Shoot of Our Short Film “Receiving”

This word “DREAM” is bless to me by Yahya to kickstart his up & coming award winning short film, Receiving.

Let’s come together & Pursue our dreams together. “RECEIVING” & Pay Kindness Forward


2nd Exclusive Outdoor Photoshoot

This is my 2nd outdoor photoshoot session with the celebrity photographer Yahya. This is my favourite photo of the day.


Hosted 1st PKF Dialog 2020

Together with co-host, Yahya, who has helped me tremendously with the Pay Kindness Forward Dialog 2020 with special guests from Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.


The President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards Nomination

Today is an grateful day for Rendy Tan Ravi, Jin Wu, Ho Ee Kid & myself. We are indeed honored to be nominated under President’s Volunteerism & philanthropy Award 2020 and looking forward to celebrate with NVPC – Towards a City of Good at 2.30pm graced by the President of the Republic of Singapore, Mdm Halimah Yacob where she will present the awards of the highest honour of giving to the community. Congratulation to all the nominees and winners for today. Together, let’s come together toward a City of Good for Singapore and the world. I believe Vision without Action is merely a Dream, Action without Vision just passes time, Vision with Action can Change the World.
With Purpose Love & Gratitude,
Dr.Vivian Passion Koh
Founder of Pay kindness Forward

Pay Longevity Forward

Today I meet with my sister and my brother in law to help Yahya with his heart condition. Yahya was touched by Jenny’s help and he suggested to them that they represent Pay Longevity Forward.


Certificate of Appreciation from the President of Republic of Singapore Mdm Halimah Yacob

Today is a very delightful day for me when I know Jin Wu, Rendy Tan Ravi & Ho Ee Kid for receive a Certificate of Appreciation from our President of Republic of Singapore Mdm Halimah Yacob for appreciating their contributions during the COVID- 19 pandemic thru my sincere nomination for their great work for humanity especially during Covid-19.
They are the people behind scene that believe and supported me with their time & talents with unconditional love and give me the courage and strength to kickstart Pay Kindness Forward (United Nations Goals + Pay It Forward System) which I truly believe thru focusing on Goal No. 16 & 17, will create a beautiful World that I envision – World Peace with Harmony regardless of Race, Language or Religion.
I am glad the Universe rewards 3 of you in its own wondrous way thru my pay kindness forward appreciation of your humanity work.
And thank you once again to all my pay kindness forward family especially Ee Kid, Jin Wu and Rendy Tan Ravi for the kind nomination for the award category for LEADER OF GOOD.
Together, let’s build a City of Good!
Love you all.
With a Purpose, Love & Gratitude,
Dr. Vivian Passion Koh
Founder & President of Pay Kindness Forward🇸🇬
Jenny Crowning Day

Witness my beloved sister’s Crowning Day

A big Congratulations to my beloved sister, Mdm Jenny Koh- Lady of Excellence 2020/2021!