Dr. Vivian Passion Koh

“ No act of kindness is too small, No act of kindness is too insignificant. Just like the droplets of water, they make up a drizzle, a shower, a thunderstorm or even a typhoon. Every drop of this water of kindness counts. It will eventually find its way into the ocean of love and kindness that we are creating. And this ocean will give birth to the clouds which in turn seeds the droplets of kindness that repeats itself over & over again.”
~ Vivian Passion Koh

dr. vivian passion koh

Vivian Passion Koh is Mrs Singapore Asia Pacific 2019 and was awarded the TKS Crown for Compassion 2020 and Ms Elegance 2019. She is a serial entrepreneur of various businesses. She is now on a global mission to educate, inspire, and change the world through her Pay Kindness Forward movement, which will be a catalyst to achieve the United Nations 17th Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Her life mission is to connect, inspire, and empower like-minded people to pursue their passion in life with passion, love, and gratitude.

Her satisfaction and fulfilment comes from igniting each unique individual to discover their hidden talents through self-awareness and to unlock and develop their full potential so that they can pursue their passion in life with passion, love, and gratitude.

Vivian Passion Koh’s Achivements

Creator of IEC Vision Board Movement – A Pay It Forward movement that helps individuals to create a vision of their dreams through drawings, words, and storytelling and support in their journey through IEC Angels.