Dr Vivian Passion Koh

The Unexpected Benefits of the Power of Receiving

When we think of receiving, we typically associate it with taking something and benefiting from it. However, have you considered that receiving empowers us to give? 

The Fundamentals of Receiving

When we are born, we depend on receiving essentials like food, water, shelter, and love to grow and learn. Therefore, the need to receive is a fundamental quality of the human experience. Without receiving from people and life itself — be it our breath, water, sunshine, food, health, money, or love — we would not excel in life.

That sounds like an awful lot of taking more than giving. So how does the act of receiving fuel the act of giving?

First, we have to understand that receiving is not an act of taking selfishly. To receive means to be given or presented with something like a gift, advice, or service. This “something” could be from a friend, luck, providence, or the flow of the universe, which means it is premediated. In other words, you are meant to have whatever you are receiving. 

How the Art of Receiving Refines the Art of Giving

When we graciously receive, we learn to establish ourselves, which ultimately grants us the capacity to give. 

For example, getting a promotion to become a manager gives you the ability to pass your knowledge to more people (i.e., your team, your community, or even your superior). Many successful businesses are successful because they mindfully receive proper feedback to grow their product, giving people what they need (a better product, trust, a sense of community, etc.) 

Dr. Vivian Passion Koh earned the title of Mrs. Singapore in 2019 because a friend advised her to try it out. Today, she’s impacting lives through her nonprofit Pay Kindness Forward and has even documented the powerful benefits of receiving through the award-winning film called, you guessed it – Receiving!

“Receiving is a short film that really made me think about the relationship between what we receive and give in life — one of the defining qualities of our character.” – Dr. Vivian Passion Koh


Receive, Give, Repeat

If you understand that receiving is beneficial for you, expand this mindset to benefit others. Be it your expertise, talents, or knowledge; you were given gifts to share with others. 

On the other hand, many of us can be too proud to receive help because we think it makes us look weak, but the truth is that we become stronger when we welcome support. 

By receiving, we allow the flow of life to continue, allow ourselves to grow and empower others to succeed. So, when the world offers you a sign, a piece of luck, good energy, or prosperity – receive, give, and repeat. 

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